What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is the manipulation of soft tissue, including muscles, tendons and fascia.

When the soft tissue is not functioning correctly, the following symptoms may be experienced;

  • Muscle soreness, weakness, pain, stiffness, reduced range of motion around joints

Muscle tension can be caused by a number of things;

  • Exercise:-
    • Increased training regime, or a undertaking a new sport will work new and different muscle groups.
    • Over use of one side of body, eg Rowing & Tennis.
  • Occupation:-
    • Prolonged computer use & long periods of driving can lead to tension in neck and shoulders.
  • Change in environment:-
    • Mums often have back issues due to carrying their babies and young children on one hip.
  • Recovery from injury:-
    • Over compensation on different limbs may have occurred during recovery from injury, e.g. a break or sprain limiting mobility.
  • Stress & Anxiety:-
    • Many of us carry our tension in our necks and shoulders.
  • Over training:-
    • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) leaves muscles tired and sore.
  • Posture:-
    • Lower back, shoulder and leg tension can be caused by muscular imbalances leading to poor posture.

The deep tissue massage treatment is used to reduce tension in muscle tissue. It will increase elasticity and flexibility in the soft tissue, and can break down scar tissue causing tight spots.

Massage will also increase circulation, leading to improved blood flow allowing waste products to be removed and promotion of nutrients to muscle tissue which are required for repair and recovery.

Finally, the massage treatment will promote relaxation, and a reduction in stress and anxiety.

As part of your training or body maintenance regime, deep tissue massage can help prevent injury, boost performance and increase flexibility.